Plus One Admission 2016: How to Apply Online

Detailed instructions for online submission of applications for Plus One Admission 2016 have been published in the HSCAP Portal. While applying online, candidates have to keep in mind the following instructions:

If a candidate can submit the printout of the online application to any of the Higher Secondary Schools in the district he/she wants to apply to, application fee can be paid directly to the school. Such candidates have to choose the mode of payment as ‘Cash Paid to School’.

Only those who cannot submit the printout of the application to a school in the district to which they want to apply to have to choose the mode of payment as Demand Draft. They will have to first take a demand draft of Rs. 25 payable to the principal of the school mentioned in Appendix 7 and then apply online, choosing the mode of payment as demand draft.

Checking the Last Rank & WGPA Details of the schools to which you want to apply to will also give you a general idea about your chances.

How to Apply Online: Detailed Instructions
Submit Your Application Online

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