The Wreck of the Titanic by Benjamin Peck Keith

The Wreck of the Titanic by Benjamin Peck Keith is a poem about one of the greatest tragedies at sea which also exposed some of the greatest acts of courage and heroism.

Sample Questions from ‘The Wreck of the Titanic’

  1. Why does the poet call the Titanic ‘a poem of iron and steel?’
  2. What is described as the ‘ominous form’ which loomed out of the darkness?
  3. What was the ‘awfully grand’ scene, according to the poet?
  4. Read the hints which a reporter from the field sent to his news bureau. Imagine that you are a journalist in the bureau. Develop these hints into a news report to be published on the front page of your newspaper.
    • Heavy rains across south Kerala
    • TVM, Kottayam – 12 cms in 2 days.
    • Cause – depression in Indian Ocean
    • Major rivers – over flow, dam shutters – open
    • 12 dead, houses damaged, relief camps open
    • Urgent cabinet meeting- Chief Minister – support from centre.
    • Rain – to continue for 2 more days, people – to be cautious.
  5. Think of the tragic end of the Titanic and prepare a newspaper report about the wreck of the Titanic. Include details of the passengers on board, the collision with the iceberg, and the heroic acts of her crew.

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