The Serang of Ranaganji by A.J Cronin

The Serang of Ranaganji by A.J Cronin is a story about a voyage from Liverpool to Calcutta during the British rule in India. It tells how the author and Hasan, an ugly looking serang, manage a potential calamity, silently and bravely.

Sample Questions from ‘The Serang of Ranaganji’

  1. In the story ‘The Serang of Ranaganji’, Hasan says: ‘What use is money Doctor Sahib, to one who has all he needs? I am well enough the way I am.’ Do you agree with Hasan in his attitude towards money? Justify your answer in a paragraph.
  2. Complete the following report using the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. (You need not rewrite the given sentences.)
    A seminar on ‘Increasing Road Accidents’ (a) ………………… (hold) at JBN Hall yesterday, at 2 pm. About 200 students (b) …………….. (turn out) to attend the seminar. Kumari Suja, the School Leader, (c) ……………….. (be) the moderator. Three papers (d) ………………. (present) in the seminar.
  3. Choose the appropriate words to fill in the following message. (ever, usually, often, hardly)
    Arrived home at about 8.30. We ……………………. go out in the evening. I’m tired. Call you back tomorrow morning. I’m going to bed. I …………………. go to bed early.
  4. A. J. Cronin, the physician of Ranaganji is extremely impressed by the service of Hasan. Imagine that after the voyage, Cronin writes a letter to the director of the company which owns the ship Ranaganji, detailing the selfless service of Hasan. He also requests the director to reward Hasan with a promotion in return for his service. Draft the letter which Cronin would write.
  5. The Managing Director of the company that owns the Ranaganji announces that the company appreciates the service of Hasan, and promotes him as the Chief Petty Officer of the ship. The Director invites Hasan to speak a few words on this occasion. Imagine that you are Hasan and draft a speech that you would deliver on the occasion.
  6. Miss Jope-Smith hears about the selfless service rendered by Hasan. She feels sorry for her prejudiced remarks she made about him. She decides to meet Hasan in person, and congratulate him for his efforts. Prepare an imaginary conversation between Ms. Jope-Smith and Hasan.

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