The Price of Flowers by Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay

The Price of Flowers by Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay is a story about the compassion that transcends the barriers of nation and culture. The story has been translated from Bengali by Lila Ray.

Model Questions from ‘The Price of Flowers’

  1. If you could bring yourself to tell mother only once, after looking into the crystal, that Frank is all right, that he is alive – will it be too much of a lie? Will it be very, very wrong?’ As she spoke, tears streamed from her eyes.

    What trait of Maggie’s character is evident here? Sketch the character of Maggie in a short paragraph.

  2. Please buy flowers with this shilling when you go, and lay them on my brother’s grave for me’, she said.

    Can you find any connection between this sentence and the title of the story? Write a short paragraph about the significance of the title, ‘The Price of Flowers’.

  3. Prepare a write-up on any memorable incident in the story ‘The Price of Flowers’. (Word limit 100-120 words)

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