The Cyberspace by Esther Dyson

The Cyberspace by Esther Dyson is an article on the nature and scope, and the use and abuse of cyberspace.

Sample Questions from ‘The Cyberspace’ by Esther Dyson

  1. Students are careless in downloading materials from the Internet. Prepare an email to be sent to your classmates on the do’s and don’ts of downloading.
  2. List four uses of Cyberspace in your life as a student.
  3. We get regular news reports about cyberspace being misused by various sections of society. Do you think that the government should control cyberspace to check the miscreants in it? Write four points to make your argument.
  4. Can you predict the future developments in cyberspace? Write an article to be published in the school magazine.
  5. Your class has to conduct a debate on the topic ‘Internet — a menace to the society’. Prepare four arguments in favour of the topic.
  6. Read the advertisement given below.

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