The 3Ls of Empowerment (Speech) by Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde was the first woman Finance Minister of France. In her speech ‘The 3Ls of Empowerment‘ she speaks about the basic requisites of women empowerment. She considers learning, labour and leadership the keys to women empowerment.

Notes and Videos on The 3Ls of Empowerment

Sample Questions:

  1. In her speech ‘The 3Ls of Empowerment’, Christine Lagarde speaks about the importance of learning in empowering women. Do Indian women get an equal space in the society? Write a paragraph of about 100 words on the social, cultural, and economic status of Indian women.
  2. Imagine that your Residents’ Association is organising a celebration on Women’s Day. As the secretary of the Youth Wing of the Association, you are asked to deliver a speech on the Role of Women in the Family and Society. Draft the speech in the light of your reading of ‘The 3Ls of Empowerment’ and ‘Any Woman’.
  3. You are a regular commuter in city buses. You have noticed that the seats reserved for women are usually occupied by men. The conductor of the bus does not respond to your complaints and you decide to report it to the station master. Draft a letter of complaint.
  4. You are pained to see the atrocities against women in various parts of our country. Imagine that you wish to publish an article in your school magazine to voice your protest. Attempt the article in about 250 words.
  5. The Ayalkkoottam unit in your locality is opening a canteen for wayfarers and locals. Imagine that you are a journalist and you wish to prepare a feature on how such initiatives boost the self-confidence of women.
  6. Your friend Raj drafted the following notice for a debate to be conducted by the Social Science Club. But it has some errors. Edit it.
    Dear friends,
    The Social Science Club of our school has organising a debate in the topic ‘Women are born to do what men cannot do’ on 21/08/2017. The programme will inaugurate by Dr. Prasanna who fights for women’s rights. We shall be thankful if you could kind register your names at least by 18/8/2017.
    Social Science Club
  7. A popular television channel is telecasting a panel discussion on ‘The Need for Women Empowerment’. If you are one of the panellists, how will you introduce the topic? Attempt it in about 150 words.
  8. The following is an article on the importance of girl child in our society. Complete the paragraph using appropriate adjectives.
    Education of the girl child is a————(a)————–(disturbing/distracting/ discussing) question when we analyse the situation in certain rural areas of our country. A girl child is often seen as a————-(b)—————(big/ negligible/ grand) burden by many families in rural areas. The government is trying its best to bring to the fore, the————-(c)—————–( lighter/ brighter/tighter) side of learning, especially in the case of the girl child. However, it is the parents who should realise that a girl child is a———–(d)———–(deliberate/ dedicated/ divine) gift and should be properly taken care of.
  9. Given below is an excerpt of an article that appeared in a prominent daily newspaper. There are certain errors in the passage given below. Edit them.
    The more disturbing fact about the plight of women in India is that the merits of learning and labour are not enjoyed by all. The deepest our analysis, the clearer the picture becomes. Rural women are lesser in focus when we study the impact of education among women. The great trouble is that it is really hard to bring the rural, semi-rural, urban and semi-urban women under the same umbrella.
  10. A debate was conducted by the English Club of your school on the topic ‘Women are not born to do everything a man can’. As a member of the group that supports the topic, write a short paragraph expressing your arguments in favour of the topic. There should be at least four points in your argument. You may use expressions like ‘I agree…,’ ‘I don’t agree…’ etc.
  11. Imagine that a leading activist for women’s rights is visiting your school. You are one of the students who got an opportunity to interact with her. Frame four questions on the need of women empowerment that you wish to ask.
  12. Your school is conducting an elocution competition in connection with your school youth festival. You are also, a contestant. The topic for the elocution is ‘Challenges of Women Empowerment.’ Prepare a script for your speech.
  13. Read the following excerpt from a newspaper article:

    A society that is unable to respect, protect and nurture its women and children loses its moral moorings and runs adrift.

    Prepare the script of a persuasive speech, expressing your comments on the statement, to be delivered in your school on the International Women’s Day.

  14. There is an adage that says : “If you educate a boy, you train a man. If you educate a girl, you train a village”. Prepare a write-up expressing your views on this in about 60 words.
  15. Imagine that your school is conducting an essay writing competition in connection with ‘International Women’s Day’ celebrations. You are also a contestant. The topic for the essay is ‘The relevance of empowering women.’ Write an essay of about 200 words.
  16. After reading Christine Lagarde’s speech, a social worker is speaking to the people of your locality about the need for educating women. Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate adjectives / adjectival clauses:
    Education helps women to be ______ (seriously / financially / sustainably) independent and to break the shackles of exclusion. Women who (look good / look after children / study) actually help themselves and their community. If learning is the first step, labour is the second. Women who (procure labour / suffer discrimination / challenge the social norms) are able to flourish and achieve their true potential. They contribute to the development and well-being of the community. So it is (clear / essential / favourable) that women equip themselves with education.
  17. Prepare a script for a short speech on the topic ‘Role of women in the Modern Society’.
    (Hints: role of modern education – out of the home – in work place – all duties – independent – equality – leadership)
  18. Prepare an essay on the topic “Women in Leadership”.
    (Hints: capable of taking leadership – in business, politics, various jobs commonsense and evaluating ability -examples of leaders)

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