Quest for a Theory of Everything by Kitty Gail Ferguson

Quest for a Theory of Everything by Kitty Gail Ferguson is a profile of Stephen Hawking in which the author reveals how the great scientist has overcome his disabilities to become the ‘supernova’ of physics. Dr. Kalam exhorts everybody to be unique in his or her own way. This chapter is a tribute to the many people who have proved their uniqueness even while fighting adversities and limitations.

About Stephen Hawking
About Kitty Gail Ferguson
Writing a Profile: Describing Someone’s Personality and Character

Sample Questions from ‘Quest for a Theory of Everything’

  1. Fill in the following passage choosing the right word from those given in the brackets:
    (unfortunately, therefore, but, so)Frank and Isobel Hawking, Stephen’s parents, were not wealthy, (a) ……………. they believed in the value of education. (b) …………… they planned for Stephen to go to Wesbninster, a famous public school in the heart of London. (c) ……………. Stephen was ill at the time of the scholarship examination for Westminster. (d) …………….. , he attended the local Saint Alban’s School. (4×1)
  2. It is usually said, ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman’. How far is this true in the life of Stephen Hawking and Jane? Answer in a paragraph. (6)
  3. Imagine that you are winner of the ‘Young Master Mind Award’ for the year. So you are selected to attend the world conference of young scientists. Stephen Hawking is going to be the chief guest. There you get an opportunity to introduce him to the young scientists gathered there. Prepare a short speech to introduce Stephen Hawking to them. (6)

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