Matchbox (Story) by Ashapurna Debi

Matchbox by Ashapurna Debi is a story that reveals how women should choose between being a candle or a mirror, and work for their own emancipation as well as for the generations to come. She can be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it; spreading light in both cases.

Notes and videos on Matchbox by Ashapurna Debi.

Sample Questions

  1. The following is a piece of conversation between Nomita and her husband, Ajit.
    Nomita : Why did you open my letter?
    Ajit : What if I opened it? My own wife’s letter-
    Nomita : Be quiet, be quiet, I tell you. For what reason should you open my letters? Haven’t I told you a thousand times not to?

    Imagine that Rini, Nomita’s niece overhears the conversation and reports it to other members of the family. Report the conversation for her.
  2. Prepare a write -up on the significance of the title “Matchbox” .You may cite examples from the story to justify your stance.
  3. Imagine that Rini, Nomita’s niece is a silent witness to the quarrel between Nomita and her husband. Rini feels scared and rushes to the kitchen to narrate it to other members of the family. Prepare the narration for her.
  4. Do you think that Nomita, the character in Ashapurna Debi’s story ‘Matchbox’ acted impulsively without thinking about the consequences? Or is she a brave woman who questions her husband’s selfish ways? Prepare a character sketch of Nomita.

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