Horegallu (Anecdote) by Sudha Murty

Horegallu is an anecdote written by Sudha Murty. She tells us how remembering the good old childhood days often fills our mind with freshness and vigour and revitalizes us enough to go forward with confidence.

Notes and Resources on ‘Horegallu’ by Sudha Murty

Sample Questions

  1. A panel discussion was conducted in your school on the topic New forms of communication — a wide window to the world. Given below is an excerpt from the presentation made by a panellist during the panel discussion.

    The internet is an incredible tool that allows us to connect with family and friends. Social networking sites are websites that allow us build a public profile where we can share information about our personal interests, photographs, blogs, etc. It is a great way to connect with our dear ones who are physically far away from us.

    Now, prepare a brief script of panel presentation highlighting the risk factors involved in the use of new forms of communication and the means we can adopt to minimize these factors.

  2. Read the following newspaper article.

    “An amendment to the act that was set to make child labour illegal will push millions of marginalised children in India into work rather than education– With the amendment proposed to the new child labour law coupled with the severe cuts on welfare and education, the government is instead set to send millions of marginalised children out of school and into work, trapping families in a cycle of poverty for yet another generation to come.”

    • Express your views in the form of a persuasive speech to be delivered in your school on Children’s Day.
    • Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper expressing your opinion on the issue.
  3. Read the excerpt from “Horegallu”.

    The horegallu in our village holds special memories for me as it is inextricably linked with my grandfather. He was a retired schoolteacher and would spend hours every day, sitting under the banyan tree and talking to those resting there. When I would get tired of playing, I would sit next to him and observe the people he was speaking to and listen to their conversations. Most of them were villagers taking a break from their work in the fields nearby. They had to walk long distances each day, carrying heavy burdens on their heads. Tired out by the heat, they would drink the cool water, wash their faces with it and chat with grandfather.

    Complete the sentences.

    • The central figure in the passage is ……………………….
    • The word ‘inextricably’ means …………………………….
    • Horegallu is important because………………………………………………
    • The implied meaning of the expression ‘heavy burdens’ is ……………………
  4. After reading Sudha Murty’ s “Horegallu”, you realize that it would be worth setting up horegallus on the pavements to help citizens to take a break and ease themselves. Write a letter to the Mayor of your city putting forth the suggestion and explaining the reasons.

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