Didi (Life Writing) by Shaheen Mistri

‘Didi’ is an edited version of the first chapter of “Redrawing India – The Teach for India Story” written by Shaheen Mistri and Kovid Gupta. The book tells us about a movement that aims to bring young Indians under the collective vision that one day, all children in India will receive an excellent education. In ‘Didi’, Shaheen speaks about her experiences in the Mumbai slums and her motivation to educate the kids in those slums. The last passage of this text has been added from Rasmi Bansal’s “I have a dream”.

Sample Questions

  1. You have read the inspiring story of Shaheen Mistri. You would like to write an e-mail to her appreciating the activities of Akanksha that transformed the children in the slums of Mumbai. Write the e-mail explaining how Shaheen has inspired you. (Score: 4)
  2. People have different hobbies. Some are passionate enough to make their hobbies their career. Think about one of your favourite hobbies and write a paragraph on it. (Score: 4)
  3. A relief centre in your locality is planning to give English classes to the children below 10 years. They are looking for volunteers to help them in tutoring the children from economically and socially backward areas. You are applying for the job. Write an application and resume with necessary details. (Score: 8)
  4. Inspired by Shaheen Mistri, your school has decided to take up the task of providing free education to a selected group of poor, needy children. You would like to inform Shaheen about this new venture and invite her to visit your school. Write an e-mail to her.
  5. Read the following advertisement.
    You wish to apply for the job. Prepare an application letter and a resume for the purpose.
  6. Read the following advertisement and prepare an email in response to it.
  7. Inspired by Shaheen Mistri, you want to join Akanksha Foundation as a teacher volunteer. You are Megha, a post-graduate in English Literature with good command over the language. Being a socially responsible person, you are willing to share your knowledge and skills for the benefit of the under-privileged. Prepare a letter of application and a resume to be sent to the Foundation.

Plus Two English Notes and Question Papers of All Chapters