Dangers of Drug Abuse (Essay) by Dr. Hardin B Jones

‘Dangers of Drug Abuse’ by Dr. Hardin B. Jones is a timely warning against the overuse and abuse of drugs. The wrong belief that any illness can be treated by taking a pill has led to widespread drug abuse. In this essay, Dr. Jones speaks of the dangers of drug abuse and shows how it affects the brain. The physical, psychological and social impacts of addiction are also dealt with.

Sample Questions

  1. The Souhruda club of your school has decided to conduct an anti drug campaign in a slum in your locality to give awareness to the slum dwellers about the consequences of using drugs. Prepare a short paragraph advising them against the use of drugs.
  2. The health club of your school is conducting a group discussion on the topic ‘Drug Abuse – its mental, physical and social impacts’. If you are one of the participants of the G.D what would be your arguments? Prepare a draft of your arguments in about 175 words.
  3. Dr. Hardin B. Jones, in his essay ‘Dangers of Drug Abuse’, says, “…the sensory deprivation of the drug addict manifests itself in a general feeling of physical discomfort and in personality changes.”
    Considering the psychological and social impact of drugs on an addict, prepare an essay on the topic “The Menace of Drugs”.
  4. You have come to know that mild forms of sensual drugs are available to the school children in your locality who use it without knowing the dangers involved. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper about this menace.
  5. The health club of your school is conducting a seminar on ‘the dangers of drug abuse’ in connection with the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Prepare an introductory speech for the seminar.
  6. ‘Excitement over what drugs can do has led people to believe that any ailment, infective or psychic can be relieved by taking a pill. At the first sign of nervousness, they try pep pills.’ (taken from “Dangers of Drug Abuse”)
    Do you think that drug abuse is a social problem that can be solved easily? Express your opinion in two sentences. (Hints : addiction, health problems, medical expense, prevention)
    pep pill = medicines that give energy.
  7. Damage to the brain is the most subtle, most often unrecognized and least understood consequence of drug abuse. Prepare an essay on the topic “The Hazards of drug abuse”.
  8. Dr. Hardin B. Jones gives a comprehensive idea about the effect of harmful sensual drugs on the human body. Write an essay enlisting the consequences of drug addiction.
  9. Draft a letter to the District Medical Officer enquiring about the assistance they provide for organizing a medical camp in your school. (Add details).

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