Conceptual Fruit by Thaisa Frank

Conceptual Fruit by Thaisa Frank is a story which reveals the human face of technology which helps (or fails to help) a young girl shape the world around her.

Study Material

‘Conceptual Fruit’ by Thaisa Frank: Summary and Review

Sample Questions from Conceptual Fruit by Thaisa Frank

  1. Prepare a short speech on ‘The role of parents in supporting the differently-abled children’ to be delivered in the PTA meeting of your school.
  2. Prepare a notice to be displayed on the school notice board regarding the various facilities available for the differently-abled children in the school.
  3. Write a paragraph on the relationship between Greta and her father.
  4. The title ‘Conceptual Fruit’ is striking. Do you think that the title adequately reflects the theme of the story? Write your response in two sentences using the following hints:
    • In my view, …
    • I believe …
  5. Prepare a short review of the story ‘Conceptual Fruit’ to be published in an online magazine. (hints: characters, setting, plot, mood, structure and language)

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