And then Gandhi Came – Jawaharlal Nehru

‘And then Gandhi Came’ is an extract from ‘The Discovery of India’ in which Jawaharlal Nehru makes an assessment of the psychological changes that Gandhi brought about in India. He seemed to emerge from the millions of India, speaking their language. Political struggle which, till then, entirely belonged to the elite class, took a new dimension and the masses joined the struggle. But Gandhi’s fight was not merely for political freedom. He fought against everything that degraded and humiliated Indians. His words had the power of conviction and his deeds were strongly founded in truth.

Model Questions from ‘And then Gandhi Came’ by Jawaharlal Nehru

  1. Read the extracts given below and, elaborate and comment upon the contextual ideas in each of them in about 100 words.

    • ‘And, yet fear builds its phantoms which are more fearsome than reality itself, and reality, when calmly analysed and its consequences willingly accepted, loses much of its terror.’
    • The peasant was shaken up and he began to emerge from his shell.
  2. You are Girish. The illegal occupancy on roads and pavements has resulted in increased rate of road accidents on one of the overcrowded roads in your locality. Write a letter to the editor of one of the newspapers about the issue and suggest some remedial actions.
  3. Your class is conducting a group discussion on ‘The Relevance of Gandhian ideas in the 21st century.’ Imagine that you are also participating in it. What would you speak? Prepare a script for your presentation. (Word limit : 50 to 60 words) (Score: 5)
  4. Gandhiji once said, “Women will enjoy the same right as men ….. This is the India of my dreams.” Do you think that we have fulfilled the dream of the Father of our nation? Express your views in the form of an essay. (Word limit 180-200 words) (Score: 8)

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