Amigo Brothers (Story) by Piri Thomas

Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas is a beautiful story that awakens readers to the true spirit of friendship. It tells us how two friends fought in a boxing match like total strangers, still keeping their friendship intact. The two friends thus epitomize sportsman spirit to its fullest extent. “The important thing in sport is not winning but taking part. The essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”

Notes on ‘Amigo Brothers’ by Piri Thomas

Sample Questions

  1. Bong! Bong! Bong! “Ladies and Gentlemen. The winner and representative to the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions is ….
    The announcer turned to point to the winner and found himself alone. Arm in arm, the champions had already left the ring.

    Imagine that you are asked to give a caption to the given two paragraphs. What caption will you consider to suit the emotions depicted in the paragraph?

  2. You have been asked to compere the annual cultural festival of your school. Prepare a comprehensive text for effectively compering the programme.
  3. “Next day, the newspapers came out with the wonderful story of Amigo Brothers in the Boxing Ring.” Imagine that you have been asked to report the same event for a newspaper. How would you report it? What aspect will you project for your readers? Prepare a news report in not more than 70 words.
  4. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where love overshadowed competition and hate? If so, share your personal experience in a short paragraph.
  5. Comment on the friendship portrayed in the story ‘Amigo Brothers’ in about 60 words.
  6. Read the excerpt from the story ‘Amigo Brothers’ and answer the questions that follow.

    “The announcer turned to point to the winner and found himself alone. Arm in arm, the champions had already left the ring.”

    • Who are the champions referred to here?
    • ‘Arm in arm’ in this passage means ……. a) happiness b) friendship c) respect d) concern
    • Do you think that it is right on the part of the champions to leave the ring like that? What might have prompted them to do so?
  7. You are a friend of the Amigo brothers and you witnessed the contest between them with great excitement. Prepare a blog entry describing the contest.

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