A Three Wheeled Revolution (Interview)

A Three Wheeled Revolution is the text of an interview with Irfan Alam, conducted by Sujatha Ramprasad for India Currents in May 2010. He was interviewed after he participated in the Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington. In this interview, Irfan Alam talks about his interests and activities, especially about his foundation, Sammaan, a social enterprise. He motivates the youth to step into the world of social enterprise and make a change in the society.

Sample Questions

  1. Irfan Alam says that entrepreneurship can solve the problem of unemployment. Do you agree with this? Write your thoughts in a paragraph. (Score: 4)
  2. The underlined phrases in the following sentences are idiomatic expressions. Rewrite these sentences into plain English sentences. (Score: 2)
    • Seema felt like a fish out of water in her new class.
    • He was all ears when the teacher started talking.
  3. You have read the interview with Irfan Alam, founder and chairman of SammaaN Foundation. Prepare a blog on Irfan’s ideas of entrepreneurship and the means he adopted to execute his ideas. The blog should be presented in such a way as to motivate the young budding entrepreneurs.
  4. Your class has decided to conduct a group discussion on the topic “India – A land wonder for Young Entrepreneurs.” You are asked to initiate the discussion. Prepare the script of a presentation you would make on the occasion.
  5. Irfan Alam comes to your school to inaugurate the Youth Club. Prepare a script for announcement introducing him (Young Entrepreneur – founder and chairman of SammaaN foundation – recognized as one of the top thirty Youth Icons of India by the Times of India).
  6. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

    When my parents found out that I was·dabbling in the rickshaw sector as well, they pulled me aside and asked me to stop doing it and concentrate on my studies. So I shelved it, but my interest never waned. (taken from “The Three Wheeled Revolution”)

    • The meaning of’ shelved it’ is ………… (decide to do it, to put aside, take as a challenge, find an answer)
    • Find out the word which means ‘to become weaker’.
    • Based on the passage, complete the conversation between Irfan Alam and his father.
      Irfan: (requesting father to give permission to continue his business.)
      Father: No, ………..(use phrases expressing an obligation)
      ………… (use phrases for giving an advice)

Plus Two English Notes and Question Papers of All Chapters